5 reasons walking every day will change your life

What makes you feel good, look good, and only requires a pair of tennis shoes? Walking. We know exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle, but finding motivation to get active before or after a long day can be tough. This is why walking is a great option. It may be a less intense form […]

Bunny Fun and Hunting

We had a wonderful Easter celebration. Residents, families of residents, staff, and community members all came to join the fun. Most of them brought their kids to participate in our extravagant Easter Egg Hunt. The residents especially enjoyed watching the kids run around, hunting for colorful prizes. We had a bunch of treats and party trinkets, […]


3 things you should know about diabetes

Did you know at this very moment you could have diabetes? In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, out of the 29 million Americans with diabetes, 1 in 4 don’t know they have the disease. But as thousands of new cases of diabetes are diagnosed each year, the prognosis is grim. A newly […]